That's us, years ago, yet still the same silliness happens!

MaryJanes:{Taylor} Daughter of Galoshes.
Galoshes:{Lisa} Mother to MaryJanes.
In common: We love road trips, movies, puppies, iced coffee, sweets, laughter and adventure. We work together as MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.
Not in common: One is fancy, one is farmer. One wears high heels the other is barefoot. One loves to read, study and learn. The other......not so much! Thus MJ&G!
Like us, this blog is always evolving.  When MJ started this blog years ago it was a creative outlet.  Slowly over the the years she found her love of photography growing and her skills improving through the blog's development.  Now, years after starting MJ&G she has turned from full time crafter and part time photographer to full time photographer part time crafter!  You can find her photography work at www.maryjanesandgaloshesphotography.com.

Taylor started this blog and has now turned it over to Lisa. We both love crafts, vintage, industrial and Re-Purposing and you will find some of each of that here! So grab an iced coffee and have a look around.  I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment and introduce yourself!