Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine with 60 Built-in Stitches

The Brother CS6000i is a highly versatile and extremely affordable sewing machine. It’s great for beginners and experts alike.

Often, machines aimed at beginners are only good while you are learning your craft. As you advance you need new equipment in short order. Conversely, many machines aimed at more advanced practitioners are too complex for starters to learn with. Not so with the CS6000i. This computerized machine makes great use of cutting edge technology while remaining super-easy to use.

The CS6000i is very keenly priced and feature-rich. Automation makes it incredibly simple to use and with a wide range of accessories thrown it this really is a hard bargain to overlook.

Many sewing machines are limited but the Brother is very adaptable. Whether you want to make small items for the home or to undertake a large quilting project, all crafts are possible.

Personalizing and customizing is made simple with a choice of 60 built-in stitches. Take full advantage of the automatic buttonhole maker – the user-friendly, 1-step style – and feel secure that any project is within your grasp.

This lightweight machine is highly portable. If you attend sewing classes this is something worth bearing in mind. You’ll have no trouble carrying the CS6000i to and from your car. It weighs just 13 pounds with overall dimensions of 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches. The handy carrying case protects it perfectly in transit. It will also shield it in the home from pets or children.

Although it’s technology-driven and bursting with features, the LCD display is very crisp. The functions are intuitive and very clear for beginners to use. Whether you are choosing different stitches or selecting the width or length, everything is made simple for you.

With a bobbin that’s resistant to jamming, accessing the settings and threads are a walk in the park.

Every user has varying needs and the Brother covers all bases. Here is a quick glance at its winning features:


  • LCD display with stitch selection by button control
  • Electronic speed control
  • 850 spm (stitches per minute)
  • Needle set with a pouch supplied
  • Six point feed dogs
  • 1-touch functions: start/stop and reverse
  • Twin needles with second spool pin
  • Very simple automatic threading
  • Three spool caps
  • Spool pin
  • Easy drop-in bobbin and three bobbins supplied
  • Transparent bobbin cover
  • Screwdriver and cleaning brush, eyelet punch and seam ripper
  • Manual thread tension with dial for better control
  • Manual thread cutter built in and housed on left side of machine
  • Vertical thread delivery
  • Free-arm machine means it’s easy to sew sleeves or cuffs
  • Substantial work table for large projects

One of the many bonuses of the CS6000i is the impressive selection of accessories provided as standard and free of charge. From an LED working light to a quilting guide, the Brother does not skimp on accessories.

The Brother CS6000i is really easy to reprogram. It comes with some of these preset but instructions in the manual mean there’s no hassle making changes. The needle ending stitching is set to down, for example, but if you want to tweak this it’s simple.

For many beginners, embroidery and quilting is one of the things that most attracts them to sewing. Users of all ability levels comment that the Brother CS6000i excels in this area. Firstly, the large work table provided means that operating is unhindered. Feeding multiple layers of fabric into the feed dogs is simplified. The quilting foot helps you to precisely stitch quilting. The walking foot allows for easy smoothing of multilayers. Equal stitch spacing need not be a headache: the quilting guide is expressly designed to take away this pain.

One of the things that counts when buying any complicated machine is getting started… A Quick Start Guide takes the sting out of this. Jump in and get straight to work!

Varying the speed at which you work is no problem thanks to the electronic speed control. The Start/Stop button is a wonderful method of control too. It means you do not need to rely on the foot pedal.

The drop-in bobbin is the easiest type and very basic to set up. Follow the directions and drop it into the case. There’s even a printed guide on the case to remind you.

Many different feet are included with the Brother. You have no less than 9 to choose from:

  1. Zigzag: This is also known as a general purpose foot
  2. Zipper: Mend any zippers with ease!
  3. Buttonhole: 7 different styles and 1-step system
  4. Overcasting: Make your seams look professional and stop any fraying
  5. Monogramming: Add a personal touch
  6. Walking foot: Great to help with fabric control
  7. Blind stitch: Hide stitching on one side
  8. Button fitting foot: Quickly deal with stray buttons
  9. Quilting foot: Spring activated for free motion quilting

Here is an easily digestible look at the plus and minus points of the Brother CS6000i:


  • Price is crucial and also value for money. The CS6000i is not just extremely affordable but also offers great bang for your buck
  • Ease of operation
  • LCD screen
  • Very quiet
  • Extra-wide work table affords plenty of room
  • Highly convenient Start/Stop button
  • Time-saving needle up/down buttons
  • Useful speed control slider great for alternating between types of fabrics
  • Extra presser feet issued as free accessories. This makes tackling a range of jobs straightforward
  • Uniformity of stitches
  • Simple to thread with drop-in bobbin
  • Hard dust cover. This adds protection and also stops dust from building up


  • Machine is made from plastic so it can shake and move when working with heavy fabrics
  • Generally struggles with very thick material
  • Switching off restores default stitch settings and does not save your own preferences
  • Some reported problems with extension table failing to snap into place correctly
  • Presser foot pressure not adjustable
  • Minimal storage for accessories

A definite added advantage is a 25-year limited warranty. This also comes with free technical support by phone for as long as the machine lasts. A good sewing machine need not cost a fortune. Especially for those just starting out, price plays a key role. With the CS6000i, the machine will last well as you advance. The stitch count and selection, durability and overall features mean that you will not be looking for a new machine after a few months.

The Brother CS6000i is one of the best sewing machines for beginners on the market today.

If it meets your requirements then you cannot go far wrong!

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