Do you ever browse the "Self Help" book section?

As for myself, I have through the years, wandered into the self help section of book shops. I guess I went in stages as to what topic I browsed. "Let It Go" phase, "Women Who Love Too Much" phase, "How To Get Organized" phase. Can you relate to any of these?
I have an issue that is actually quite ironic. I have photo phobia! If you take my picture, or suggest you are going to take my picture, I get panicked. I literally feel like someone is sucking all of the air out of my lungs.....seriously. I become panicked, agitated, flush and light headed. Then I get angry. So why is this ironic? Well, MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography is my daughter, Taylor's photography business and I am her assistant! So funny that I have this phobia and I am helping clients relax and laugh all the while they are having their images captured. I help direct them, "relax, smile, jump or even make them laugh. This is my issue to deal with, and I have decided to not go to the self help section of the nearest book shop this time. I am going to deal with it head on, cold turkey and with force. 
I have four grandchildren that someday may want a snap shot of me. Well, let's hope then adore me enough to want some. I have been easing into this process by letting Taylor use me to take a quick practice shot of me to test the back ground we are planning on using. I have held my breath.....squeezed my wrists and pinched my leg to get me through it. Then recently she added a photo booth option to her wedding packages and we had to "play" with it to try it out. We gathered the kids and acted silly in front of the lens, and I was Ok. I was really ok. So I will now take my next step to conquer this flaw that I have. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I gave myself a gift as well as asked Taylor for a huge gift. I set up an appointment with the talented Rebbecca. She specializes in vintage hairstyles and make-up. I love the 40's and 50's styles and I sent her a few pictures of examples of hair and makeup I would like to go for. Granted, I am not as young or luscious as these models.
Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

I booked my appointment for the morning of my birthday to get that vintage look. Then I will head back home, get dressed up in a vintage styled outfit that Taylor and I thrift-ed for and have a MJ&G Photography session myself. 
So after tomorrow......conquer photo phobia...Check!



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