Does this ever happen to you?

These cute babies found on Pinterest

You need dog food, so your owner runs into a place that sells the kind you need, in our case, food free of corn and wheat. The Tractor Supply Store in the next town carries what I need, plus Galoshes has a $7.00 coupon...bonus! {adding side note, chicks are wheat and corn free....right?} She sees the sign...."Baby Chicks Here" and she thinks...oh fun....let's go look and admire.
Then she sends a picture to her Whats App group of cousins and daughter....they have conflicting theories on the topic of getting chicks or baby ducks. 

 Last year when this happened to her, she brought 4 baby ducks to MaryJane's family. They had them in their living room while they were babies. How many kids get that experience? There are benefits to being slightly....well lets say Not Normal. Like her daughter, MaryJanes tells her. Today MaryJanes argument  was, "YOU ARE NOT A FARMER"!!! Now tell me, what does that have to do with the price of dog food any way?? 

Nothing right!?
Galoshes sends them pictures, and her cousin MS is so very helpful and encouraging. She understands that a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. She also brings home fluffy critters to love and take care of, purely nurturing at heart! And trust me, if you are a critter, you want to belong to one of the women in her family....they adore their pets!
So now we have 6 baby chicks which Mocs knew nothing about. I am all excited about the whole deal...confused a bit....are they food? I am half bird dog! Plus another 1/4 retriever so it stands to reason that I would ask. I was excited to see them, they are pretty cute and they smell like a farm which is all good. The senior dog has taken a liking to the chick feed, senile, I knew it!  Galoshes took a quick video of our introduction to the feathered friends. It is love at first sight!



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