Like New Kitchen Aid Mixer for $5 with True Value Hardware!

I am so excited to share this project with you guys!  It was so quick and easy and the payoff was HUGE!  My mom gave me her old (and I mean it was probably the original) but working perfectly Kitchen Aid mixer.  Although I was super excited to get that bad boy, I was less than excited about how it looked at the time.  She's been around for a while......

As you can see there were a few spots where the paint had chipped away as well as a few rusty loking spots.

While looking for spray paint at True Value Hardware I spotted the Appliance paint (usually found on the top shelf of the spray paint section).  AHA! I picked up a can of black and didn't look back! I also picked up a roll of 3/4 inch blue painters tape (it's the perfect width for the Kitchen aid).

After cleaning the machine well and removing any bits that can come off, I carefully taped off the rest of the silver.  It doesn't take long to do this, but it makes a HUGE difference.  Like the difference between "Look I spray painted my mixer" and "Wow! You got a new mixer!!!".

After taking this photo I noticed I still needed to tape off the mixing attachment piece so don't forget that!

Now follow the directions on the appliance paint and WALA! You have this beauty!

It looks just as amazing in person.  The appliance paint made all the difference.  Great sheen, perfect finish not that spray painted look.

Thanks True Value for the "brand new" Kitchen Aid for $5!!!