Lace Flower Tutorial

I think the lace I used was a bit wide, it was 2.5 inches.  The next one I make will use smaller lace to create a denser flower, but it turned out fun and feminine none the less!

You will have to ignore the fact that I'm not wearing any make up today.  
What you need-
Circle template
Two colors lace
Hot glue gun
Hair clip
Sparkle for center

Cut a circle from your felt between 2 and 3 inches in diameter.  Starting from the outside, work your way around and in with hot glue and the lace, gathering and bunching the lace as you go.

After a second loop around, switch colors and continue until full.

Glue a sparkly something or other into the center.
Attach a hair clip to the back side.  Which ever kind you prefer.  I used an extra bit of felt to secure it with hot glue.

I also made this feather piece to wear to a wedding I have coming up.  I would have loved to show you the tutorial, but I purchased it off etsy.  You can find it here if your interested.


  1. that is precious! and so are you!

  2. Taylor I love this! I've had a thing with hair clips and accessories lately...Definitely going to have to try this one, so feminine!

  3. Very, very pretty!! Thanks for the tutorial!


  4. That's so sweet. And you have the perfect hair for that!!!

  5. Hi Taylor,
    I just wanted to let you know how wonderful i think your blog is. I read it ALL the time. Check out my post today