CSN Stores take me away!

As you can imagine with three small children, in Wisconsin, where the is a -30 degree windchill today, I'm not getting out of the house much.  Lucky for me there is nap time an internet!  One of my favorite things to do during nap time, aside from catch up on my favorite blogs, is to browse around CSN stores.  With the cold weather today I'm dreaming of summer and looking for the perfect swing set (because they have EVERYTHING!).  What kid doesn't dream of a playground right in their own back yard.  We add on to ours a little bit every year and CSN stores offers kits for all the fun additions. 

I think I will stop dreaming of warmer days and start shopping for something a little more practical while we are buried under all this snow.  Like maybe a new counter top oven (because we have a make shift kitchen right now and I currently cook in a pizza oven, I'm so not kidding).  It would be really nice to bake some biscuits and not burn the tops! Back to shopping!  I'll tell you all about it when my little gem arrives!

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