Galoshes Shaklee 180 Program Feb 3rd to Feb 9th

February 3rd

Due to this head cold, I did not move much yesterday. The scale was up.2, and I understand it as I was stagnate yesterday!
February 4th
One Point Four lbs this morning! Down a total of 17.4
Feeling energy even though I have a head cold. Creating messes, moving big cubbies...making some areas tidy only to mess up again!
If I counted right, we are on day 39. Which 
means MJ is loosing .75 lbs per day and I am loosing .446 lbs per day
A comment of MaryJanes ” awesome! I have heard that's called a 
whoosh. The water that was holding the spot for the fat you lost gave up on it returning and whooshed out.

February 5th:

WHOOSH! Down 1 lb

Feb 6th 

I knew I would be up a bit this morning as I was hungry for a 

supper way too early and I was about to go out the door for 

the rest of the day so I had a meal bar at 3:30. By the time 

we got into Madison and ran around a bit, I was ready for a 

salad. I picked good choices from Sub way, mostly spinach 

and lettuce, chicken breast, cucs,

peppers and a small amount of blk olives and light 

dressing..sparingly. Followed by a skinny vanilla latte. SO 

this am up .6 as I knew I would be.

Feb 7th

I was down .6 this morning, and that brings me to negative 18. I have seen 18.4 but have ups and downs,

Feb 8th

I am actually surprised that I remained the same today as after eating lighter yesterday, I was hungry after a lighter smoothie and allowed myself...notice I said allowed. I didn't make myself feel guilty for having popcorn after supper, before 7pm side note. I knew I have calories to spare, and I was cold from ice fishing, and said, Its k, Galoshes, you can have this snack in moderation, I really thought it would bring the scale up a few ounces, so happy to see it stayed at - 18 {This is a mental year long process of mind altering stuff!} Food/guilt/guilt/ food} I am learning about eating to maintain my body and give me energy. I also need to learn not to associate guilt with food. Its taking effect~

Panara Photo Green Power

Feb 9th 

Yesterday MJ and I went to a late afternoon movie...no treats or 
snacks or drinks. Afterwards we went to Panara breads as we didn't 
have meals packed this time. I got a VIT B green smoothie and MJ 
got a smart salad with an apple side and picked out and left allot of 
the salad and she took the apple home! This morning, Down .2 We 
measured this morning:
Today we measured, and since I didn't go to MaryJane's house last 
Monday the measurements twill be for 2 weeks. Taylor measured 
herself last Monday, but without help, they might have been a bit 
off, so the tally will be for each of us for 2 weeks.

MaryJanes: Down 5.6"

Galoshes: Down 1.75"


MaryJanes HCG Update Jan 21st to Feb 2nd

January 21st:

Stayed the same today. I will take it, so much better than a gain!

Jan 22nd:

So today is day three of the same weight. BUT I looked into 

advice from others on my protocol and they say it's my 

hormones getting back into balance after my time of month. 

Dang, it screwed me when it started and now it's screwing 

me when it ended! At least I know a cause.

Jan 23rd:

It's actually funny that Galoshes chose to take her picture in 

front of the sweets counter. The first time we did the pic 

(original one), the sweets are what we were drawn to. But 

last night we just admired how pretty they were and really 

just wanted to eat the amazing looking pizza they had down 

the counter! I will dream of that pizza for DAYS. We have 

made a date to go enjoy a slice together when we are done 

with our journey. But for today I will take comfort in my one 

pound loss which is more satisfying than pizza could ever 

be.... right? 

Jan 24th:

dang! I was down .2 and was expecting a big number 

today. Keep on pushing!

Jan 25th: Stayed The SAME.

Jan 26th:

I had my 3 day stall then down one pound then 2 day stall 

then today down .2 for a total of 23.4 from start. I realize 

that's a good loss for 30 days, but this major crawl I'm in right 

now sucks!

A mutual friend of ours cheered her up by posting this 20lb 


20 lbs worth

Jan 27th 

 I was up .2 pushing through.... distracting myself with pretty things.

Jan 28th:

day 32 finally a 1.2 pound drop which only 1 pound of counts 

because of yesterdays gain.

Jan 29th:

I feel great today! I needed a second day of decent loss to 

help get me over my plateau. Down exactly one pound today 

puts me down 25.8 I can't wait to end January with a bang!

Jan 30th:
Down .2 today. Very excited to go away for the weekend and hoping not having a scale over the weekend won't make for a let down on Monday.

Prepared and packed all my meals for the weekend away! Never thought I would be one of those people. I will miss not having a fun breakfast on the town or a treat at the movie but I'm feeling good and determined. Tried on two pair of smaller sized pants today. The went up and buttoned! Not comfortable yet but they went on! My own pants weren't even comfortable just 30 days ago!

Jan 31st away from the scale.

Feb 1st : 
Galoshes and I had to cut our girls weekend short to avoid driving home in the Chicago blizzard frown emoticon we were both bummed but I was rewarded this morning with a 2 pound loss from Friday! We walked and walked and walked yesterday so maybe that helped or maybe I'm just having a great roll.

Feb 2nd:

I did measure today. I was down .4 today and 5.375 inches 

for the week. Last week was a 4.4 pound loss and I'm 

starting week 6 of 8. Really hoping to have a stellar last two 




Galoshes Update of Shaklee 180 Jan 21st - Feb 2nd

We are still coming along on our programs, we have taking a couple day and over night trips and both have been good about packing our meals and taking them with. I carry Shaklee snacks with me so I am never without a good choice. 
Here is my updates of how things have been going along for me. I added way too many supplements which blocked my progress, I have since gone off them and back on track for how I feel, energy and weight loss. 

Jan 21st:

Back to that .4 I had lost and regained.Its gone again. Down 

.4 but not really down. just back to where I was. I got very fun 

news from MaryJanes  and that switched my mood around!! 

must crave when I am frustrated. 

Jan 22nd:

errgghh up .2

Jan 23rd

Down .4 for a total of 14.2

Day 1 The Before ...........................................................Day 26 Down 14.2lbs

Jan 24th

UP UP And Away! 

Up .6

Jan 25th:

ok, so my plumbing is backed up....I guess the supplement 

Alfalfa is to be taking gradually....rather than 10 per day right 

off...Ok, so this must be the reason for my up down 2. .4 .6 

phase. Plumbing is blocked! This morning down .2 but still up 

.2 from my lowest so far in this program.

Jan 26th:

Down .8 which brings me to down 15 lbs with a long stall this 

past week. Today is day 30 so that is a 1/2 lb a day loss. I 

have such a long way to go, but I will plug along. Iam still 

feeling bloated and backed up today and I look forward to 

that passing. Iam going to go off the alfalfa tablets for a good 

week and then gradually introduce them at a slow rate. Today 

we measured. 
Measurements from last Monday to Monday
Taylor down 3.125 inches and pounds - 23.4
Lisa down 4.25 inches and pounds -15.0 

Jan 27th

Today day 31: Up .6

Jan 28th:

So three guesses. 

A: I stayed the same

B: Dito Yesterday

C: No Change

Getting frustrated...bloated and irritated with my recent 

progress...but staying on track! This is all without cheating! 

Today I had an appointment at 9am, then meet up with a co junker to sell her some junk, then another appointment to sell another junker other junk. I met the second on ate East town, so I went to the food court for my regular food meal, lunch. I ordered at I think its called Stir Fry??
I ordered the rice and the mixed vegetables. No meat no drink. I planned on eating half the order, but I was hungry and ate it all. Now the guessing game of how many calories. 550 -600 calls?More? . The rice was brown, with a few peas and carrots in it. The veggies were broccoli and cabbage and carrots. None the less it was stir fry, so oils and what every else...salt etc. 

Jan 29th

My saving Grace...I am so excited for MaryJanes! Two days 

with good losses. Last night I had a smoothie with water and 

ice, nothing added to make up for stir fry rice and veggies.

Today the scale said up .4

I think I might need to add a steak today. MJ seems to be 

doing the best after red meat. Today in town, I am buying a 

big ole steak! I will weigh friday morning and then be gone for 

the weekend and reweigh Monday morning. MJ ordered a 

refrigerator to be taking to our hotel room, we will be packing 

all of our meals. I cut back on some more supplements 

yesterday, I should have added supplements gradually. ... live 

and learn.

Jan 30th:

Went to bed really crazy early. Felt crappy and was moody 

about bloating. Had a steak for lunch in hopes to get my 

plumbing working. I also made hulless popcorn with butter in 

place of a smoothie at supper time. First stray. Why? Don't 

know, its what I wanted and craved. This morning back down 

to my 15lb loss which meant that 1lb I regained was lost 

again. So I hope I can maintain or loss once again.

Away from the scale on the 31st But our trip was cute short due to the snow storm coming into Chicago!

Feb 1st:

At the Stylemax show the vendors each had bowls of chocolates and cookies and treats set out complimentary. Plus there was a huge pushing cart full of baked goods and a HUGE HUGE triple frosted cake on the cart. Now in past shows that we have gone too, I would have been snitching those chocolates here and there. Free chocolate...hell ya! I also would have purchased a slice of cake for lunch....maybe in lou of lunch more than likely. It was interesting though, I noticed this year some vendors had cutie organic out and veggie chips or pretzels. That was nice to see. We still didn't snitch a single thing! We drank water, and MaryJanes ate her packed lunch and I had the complimentory lunch the show offered, egg keish with mushrooms and a veggie salad with light dressing. We stuck to out meal plans and did a lot of walking. Oh, and we carried a lot of STUFF!! There was cash n carry at a limited number of spaces, so we took advantage of that first thing! We didn't weigh Saturday morning. I went off all supplements now and get the focus back to weigh loss....I'll deal with the benefits of supplements in the future...and SLOWLY try each out to see which of them don't corporate with me. I am down .2 from Friday am. Not grand...but glad to see it didn't stay the same or go up!

Feb 2nd: 

Today I have a cold and nausea...but the up side down 1 

pound. I won't be measuring today as I am not going to 

MJ's with these germs and I am not interested in traveling 

on these roads covered in white! Wisconsin!

To dates I am down 16.2lbs



MaryJanes 1-16 to 1-20 HCG

MaryJanes HCG 
Jan 16
Good morning. Finally a decent number! Down 1.6 puts me down 19.6 which means I should hit my goal for the week!
Jan 17
Hit my 20 pounds today on the head with a .4 loss
Jan 18
Down .8 is my magic number. That's a pretty good number I guess!
Yesterday I put on my go to pair of jeans. At Christmas I could not even wear them because they dug in so hard, but yesterday they were loose enough I could pull some slack out around my belly. I wore them all day in complete comfort. I need to go through more of my clothes and get organized like  Galoshes did.

Jan 19
Up .4 I never did finish that water yesterday and kept telling myself you got to drink! But it just didn't happen so I know this is water and will try again today.
Today I will face my biggest challenge socially. I was asked to dinner with my sister in law who doesn't know about my diet (although she would support it, I just don't want to talk to her about it). I chose the restaurant which has very real food locally sourced. I called ahead so that I can plan my order as much as possible only to find that locally sourced means only root veggies right now, none of which are on my approved list! I may just stick with a beef patty, onions and an unsweetened tea.... but boy will that look funny I have a message in to a mentor asking if any of the veggies will due that they currently offer. I guess it's my fault for accepting a dinner invite.
Jan 20
I was rewarded for going to my dinner and staying totally on protocol with a 1.6 lbs loss. I guess technically it's a 1.2 since I was up .4 yesterday. But anything over .8 makes me giddy! 22 pounds gone