MaryJanes 1-16 to 1-20 HCG

MaryJanes HCG 
Jan 16
Good morning. Finally a decent number! Down 1.6 puts me down 19.6 which means I should hit my goal for the week!
Jan 17
Hit my 20 pounds today on the head with a .4 loss
Jan 18
Down .8 is my magic number. That's a pretty good number I guess!
Yesterday I put on my go to pair of jeans. At Christmas I could not even wear them because they dug in so hard, but yesterday they were loose enough I could pull some slack out around my belly. I wore them all day in complete comfort. I need to go through more of my clothes and get organized like  Galoshes did.

Jan 19
Up .4 I never did finish that water yesterday and kept telling myself you got to drink! But it just didn't happen so I know this is water and will try again today.
Today I will face my biggest challenge socially. I was asked to dinner with my sister in law who doesn't know about my diet (although she would support it, I just don't want to talk to her about it). I chose the restaurant which has very real food locally sourced. I called ahead so that I can plan my order as much as possible only to find that locally sourced means only root veggies right now, none of which are on my approved list! I may just stick with a beef patty, onions and an unsweetened tea.... but boy will that look funny I have a message in to a mentor asking if any of the veggies will due that they currently offer. I guess it's my fault for accepting a dinner invite.
Jan 20
I was rewarded for going to my dinner and staying totally on protocol with a 1.6 lbs loss. I guess technically it's a 1.2 since I was up .4 yesterday. But anything over .8 makes me giddy! 22 pounds gone



Galoshes Jan 16th - Jan 20th Shaklee 180

Loosing it and frustrations....

Jan 16
I stepped on the scale, it had been moved a little bit...and showed I was down  2 lbs...Yeah right. I moved it back to its original spot and I have remained the same. I really am ok with that as I pulled a pair of paints I had bought second hand that didn't fit at the start of this, and I put them on zipped and buttoned...Without laying on a bed FYI!! Smile. They are my new favorites.
Jan 17 
So the good news is all with MaryJanes and that's just fine with me because I think her HCG protocol would be way too strike for me...I know it would be. As for me, I was busy yesterday and logged my food and yet I was up .8 so back to a total of 12 lbs lost. I thought for sure I would loss that .2 and be at a negative 13. Maybe in the morning. I noticed I am not drinking the water I was before. I started Shaklee Vitalizer and a few other natural vitamins and minerals yesterday. This is optional for this program, but I want to aid a couple of health issues. I have also started eating more organic foods. It will be nice when the Amish start putting out their produce, most of that is organic. MaryJanes and I will set up a day each week to go get out fruits and veggies road side! Fun, Fresh and more cost effective!
Jan 18
I will get back to drinking more water today, I tried yesterday...but saw so many squirrels and sparkly {Oh spell check Spark A Lee} that I keep being distracted by them and thus would forget the H2o. I will focus on WATER today. So yesterday I went up .8 and today I am down 1.4 for a total of 13.4
The vitamins and supplements are probably sending shock waves to my body!
Jan 19
Like MJ I had a huge gallon of water with sliced strawberry, orange cutie sections and lemon juice. I didn't drink the whole gallon, but I put a good dent in it. This morning I was down .2 for a total of 13.6 lbs
Today is Monday which means MJ and I measured. MaryJanes lost 3.4" and I lost 3.13" from last Monday to today

Credit to Shaklee of poster.

Jan 20
Today is the first day I feel slightly defeated. I DON'T CHEAP! PERIOD> Notta Nothing! I had plans today for a class, which got cancelled last night, but a friend and I still kept out plans to go out junking and run Madison errands. We cancelled that due to the icy roads, plus we both have a lot to do. So I stepped on the scale and up .4 {if only it was stay the same rather than sneak up} To be blunt honest, it pisses me off. Its like working really hard on a project only to have it rejected by clients, can you relate? If you knew me, you would know that  I am strong, I am determined and I will do this, but it does get frustrating, and it is a financial investment esp since I have added several supplements to my regiments to address my Thyroid, High blood pressure, and pre diabetic stage. I am in this for health not vanity. Though I do want to look good, its important, I don't want to wear XL.  I want to buy size Medium clothes. I want to wear smaller underwear for God sakes! I want to stop retaining water and have a more youthful appearance. I don't expect to look 30 again, I just want to look good for my age. So today, I feel kinda crappy. First day to feel this way. I can TOTALLY understand why people whom have more weight to loose than myself just give up. I can so get that. It is annoying to feel like you are in a battle where the odds are not in your favor. SO there you have it. My first crappy morning and wanting to kick that scale to the middle of the RR tracks. The end. up .4 oh JOY!
I just want you each to know that if you struggle, we all struggle, if it were easy we would all be size 4 right! Pheww... F*@k You Scale!

~ Galoshes


January 9th - 15th MaryJanes HCG Plan

Jan 9th 

This was fantastic! Faux pancake with strawberry purée 154 calories
1 egg
3 egg whites
1 Tbsp psyllium husk
4 stevia packets
Pinch of cinnamon
Blend it together. Fry 
6 strawberries blended with a bit of water

MJ, " I am trying to rally myself this morning. My Toddler has been waking us up very early lately and running a muck on the house. This morning she destroyed all three sandwiches on the counter I had made for the kids' lunches. I learned my body should not be weighed before 7am. And my jeans that were to tight to wear to Christmas now fit comfortably enough to sit down in (but they still could be, and I was expecting them to be, better). As of today I'm down 13.6 pounds since Dec 30th. I should be ecstatic! I'm not frustrated, and I'm very dedicated, but I'm feeling blah."

Jan 10th

Galoshes thought my post yesterday sounded like I gained. I 

didn't. I was down .8 and today down .4. Makes my total 

down 16.5. My leggings are starting to get baggy.

Jan 11th
Down .8 today. Down 14.8 or 16.8 depending on where you count from wink emoticon since December 30th { MJ"s first two days of the HCG were called LOAD DAYS, where she gained weight as the protocol calls for}

Jan 13th

down .8 today. I was really hoping after yesterdays stall I 

would have some huge drop today. But I will take what I can 

get! I am really hoping to hit the 20 pound mark this week!

Jan 14th 

Ok down .8 seems to be a theme but one foot in front of the other right? Down 18.6 pounds in 16 days

Jan 15th

I ate chicken and fish yesterday hoping to pull a big number but instead i went up .4. I know my time of month is due and this diet can constipate you (which I don't think I'm having an issue with but maybe) so I'm trying not to focus on it to much. I think because my brain wasn't used to seeing the number I started at it doesn't feel like much of a loss year.


Galoshes January 9th to January 15th

My progress on the Shaklee 180 Program. UNPAID posting update.

Shaklee Photo Credits

Jan 9th
So I think I must have been Indian { Yes Indian, not Native 

American. to me Indian is a beautiful word,,,to me it means 

nature, wisdom, spiritual, natural, strong, fair} So why? I am 

always barefoot, always have been. I hate wearing shoes. 

Same with a bra...if I can get away with it I am not wearing 

one! Same thing here...all my life like this. Bras make me feel 

like I am in a body wrap and suffocating. And since I don't 

have to go anywhere, usually I rarely wear one. TMI? 

Anyway, The point is, I put my newest 

one on this morning and I went to clip and it went to the 

second clasp! Not that I kept it 

there....I want it loose, but if I were a NORMAL person, I 

would have kept it on the second hooks! Whoot WHoot. I 

don't mind loosing weight in my boobs, boobs in the 50's 


sag, and sag ain't no good! So here's to maybe having a 

smaller chest and ridding of back fat! 

Cheers! Ok, weigh in, down 1 lb. Total -10 lbs since Dec 


Jan 10th

In the start I had a goal weight in mind. In hind sight I have skimmed 18 pounds off that goal weight. I want to be trim and fit. I need to be trim and fit. I will be trim and fit! Each day I will get closer to my ideal body and health, each day I am determined. Today I am down .4 JINX TAYLOR! I am not hungry, I am not craving, I have energy! That says a lot for this Shaklee 180 program. You must know this for you know I have the maturity of a 12 year old in my life including eating habits!

Jan 11th
MaryJanes and I ended up taking off for awhile today, nothing planned, just spontaneous. We went to the Columbus antique mall and walked through the entire place. And when it was time for lunch, I pulled out my Shaklee 180 meal bar and a bottle of water and MJ pulled out her orange, bottle of water and her protein shake that is allotted on her plan. We ended up going into Madison and when it was about 4pm, we headed home to make our suppers rather then our usual of dining out! Good for her and good for me! So unheard of for us to look forward to returning home to prepared healthy food for our selves and families. We love dinning out, but from here on out we will save those times for those very rare occasions.
This morning when I got up, before MJ and I  had made any plans I got dresses, even put my makeup and my boots on. My husband said, "What are you up to?" I just feel better about my self in that I am making efforts to get my health and weight in order. I am not going anywhere, it's just that simple. And the perfume on ...check! This might seem trivial to some of you. 
iI's just normal to get up and dresses with makeup and perfume. But when I carry extra weight, it is easy to stay in sleep ware or get on comfy clothes and not give a second thought about makeup. I get "Looks Lazy" Can you relate? My husband said, "You look really nice." He even likes my new hair cut, not that he has warmed up to me be a blond, but he does like the cut. So my mood is even better with his compliments, and he deserves a wife that takes pride in her looks. I will be more mindful of this. With that said, I am down another .4 and I'm all good with that!

Shaklee Photo Credits 

                                        Jan 12th

Yesterday I didn't drink the water that I should have. I made a 

small salad for my one meal, added 1 oz cheese and 2 oz 

ham. I placed 7 healthy version tortilla chips and 2 spinach 

Kale chips with my salad. That lack of water, and damn carbs 

made the scale say + 0.4 But we did measure today and that 

was a good thing. I'll collect tally and post after a bit.

Jan 13th
Since I had gone back up yesterday by .4 I am not counting that as a loss as I had already counted it, so taking it that in to the calculation I was down .6 this morning. {.8 considering the regain, but not a true loss} Total to date from Dec 28th, down 11.2 lbs

Jan 14th

So yesterday I carefully measured out 1/4 th cup of hulless popcorn, a teaspoon of popping grease and 1/2 tbls butter and popcorn salt. It made about 1 cup of popcorn. I wondered if the scale would hate me in the morning, but I really had want that as my pm snack. The scale hated the cup of popcorn and grease and salt. Up .6 lbs
It is very interesting log in my food and weighing every day to see what effects it.

Jan 15th

Oh dear..I over looked posting our measurement results from Monday:
I was down 3.875" for a total of 6.38” 

Taylor was down 6.35" from last measurement for a total of 13 1/2 

I went on a pick yesterday, so I was moving more than usual. And since my weight had gone up .4 yesterday, I was sure to make a good choice at the tavern we went to for lunch. I packed along a meal replacement bar, but I enjoy lunch with the guys so I decided to sit down with them during our lunch break. I ordered water with lemon, and a chicken salad sandwich on sourdough. {first bread since I started} Funny thing, my Shaklee coach called me just as I took my first bite.....man she must have know I was having bread! I was hungry and wanted the full sandwich, but ate half and gave the guys the other half. Before this, I would have had a glass of milk, full sandwich and a half order of fries, so my choices are getting smarter! It paid off, I was down 2.2lbs this morning. {I hope this inspired you MaryJanes as you know I was just up .4 like you .
total since Dec 28th 12.8lbs